Monday, 27 April 2009

The cake

When we started planning our wedding one of the things I was sure about from the beginning was that I wanted to use native Spring flowers that I had grown and loved in my garden, flowers that were right for the time of year and that had some meaning to me.

As you've probably gathered from the title of the blog I love Hellebores and always knew that I wanted them for our wedding day. My florist was a little unsure about using them at first as they can be a bit delicate, but choosing flowers that have some personal significance for me felt like a way of ensuring that our wedding was authentic, that it reflected who we are, and that we hadn't just plucked ideas straight out of a bridal magazine.

The cake was from M&S. It cost a bit more than we'd originally intended to spend on a cake but I loved the simplicity of it. It was delicious.

The cake stand, found in a clearance sale at Habitat, was one of my best wedding bargains. I now have a great excuse to bake (and eat) lots of cake. After all it would be a crying shame if such a pretty cake stand just sat gathering dust on the shelf.

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Cate Subrosa said...

Ooh, making me want a cake stand big time! Beautiful simplicity.