Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hydrangea and Ranunculus posy

I put together this little posy a few days ago using some flowers from our garden.

We held our wedding reception at home, so the week before the wedding I went out and bought lots of Ranunculus to fill the borders in the garden. The Hydrangeas are from a plant we received as a wedding gift.


Redbabe said...

The hydrangea were beautiful. Especially the white ones shown in your blog. Over here in Malaysia, mostly were just pink.

Wanted to have that for our wedding too last year, but according to the florist, it doesnt last :( (chinese wedding is a long affair. that's why...) :p

Anyway, congratulations on your wedding.

h for hellebores said...

Thanks Redbabe, Hydrangeas are my favourites too.