Friday, 24 April 2009

The Goddess

Once there was a car...

the people who made her cheekily named her the DS (deesse) because they knew that everyone would think that she was as beautiful as a goddess.

She was loved by Presidents, Popes and screen idols.

Philosophers mythologised her and described her as having "fallen from the sky"

....and when you rode in her it felt as if you were floating on a cushion of air.

Well, turns out that all the time I thought that Mr H hadn't got round to sorting out a wedding car for us he had been secretly plotting a surprise.

Imagine how I felt when this pulled up to collect me on my wedding day.

Imagine how I felt as we glided through town with the warm afternoon sun glinting on her oh-so- shiny wing mirrors, happy in the knowledge that the months of planning and waiting was over and that I was finally heading towards my man to marry him.

Imagine how I brimmed over with happiness and excitement as people stopped and smiled and came out of their shops and waved......

and imagine the smile on my face as the car finally crunched onto the gravel outside the castle and I saw my man there waiting for me.


Flora said...

FANTASTIC!!! What a brilliant suprise!
Don't ya lov'em when they do things like that?! I suprised my hubby with a vw camper van for our wedding.

And this is one of my all time favourite cars, so chic and yet kooky too. I saw one today and did a big sigh. What a fab way to journey to your wedding.

Congrats btw.

anna said...

I'm not sure sure if you are still updating this blog but how much do I love your wedding car. I really really want the same one, unless someone happens to have a gullwing mercedes or a talbot handy!

Congratulations. Your flowers were, of course, fabulous.

Now I'm off to read the rest - could not resist commenting on the citroen!