Sunday, 26 July 2009

Not quite a Myla bikini....

Yesterday at work we went out to collect the pedestals from last weekend's wedding from the church. We were delighted to find that one week on most of the flowers were still looking almost as fresh as they did when they left the shop, so I couldn't resist salvaging a few bits and pieces and bringing them home.

The lilac hydrangeas work really well as an accent colour in our new bedroom which I lovingly painted in Farrow and Ball 'Bone' just a couple of weeks ago after Mr H and I spent our entire week's 'holiday' sanding and varnishing floors. This year we decided to forego the lure of the Greek Islands or the South of France. Instead of spending my summer holiday lying on a beach in my bikini (the gorgeous yellow Myla one I spotted whilst out shopping today would have been just perfect), for most of the week I wore knee pads, overalls and ear defenders. But when we had finished and our new bedroom was complete, my lovely husband bought me a Robert Indiana 'LOVE' sculpture (as seen in first picture), which (apart from my Mulberry handbag) has to be just about my most favourite present ever!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Wedding flowers

Today I've been busy putting together table arrangements and a couple of pew ends for this weekend's wedding in amongst the chaos of a busy Friday in the shop.

Cool water roses, Scabious, Freesia, Lisianthus, September flower and Eucalyptus - such gorgeous colours.