Monday, 3 August 2009

A Norfolk wedding

One of the questions in a quiz Flora tagged me to answer a few weeks ago was

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?

I never got round to answering all the questions, but I can answer this one without any hesitation whatsoever. If I could choose only one thing from my wardrobe it would undoubtedly be the blue five and a half inch Alexander McQueen shoes, bought at a greatly reduced price in a clearance sale for a party for a rather special birthday I celebrated last year.

They are just the right side of whoreish and create the very desirable illusion of legs that go on forever. These babies make me feel totally capable of outstrutting Carrie Bradshaw, and this weekend they got an outing. Since I don't have the type of social life that regularly demands the wearing of this type of ridiculous footwear I was very excited to have the opportunity to wear them to the wedding of our lovely friends Tom and Katharine in Norfolk.

The reception was held in a large tipi which had been erected in Tom's parents' beautiful garden. Katharine had decorated it with vases collected from car boot sales which she had spray painted and filled with hydrangeas.

The shoes drew lots of admiring glances as I tottered along the gravel garden paths in them after my third vodka and apple juice cocktail, but obviously even my Alexander McQueen shoes couldn't steel the show from the beautiful bride Katharine who looked stunning in this gorgeous Alice Temperley dress.

We danced all night to the excellent music provided by a local skiffle band (who knew AC/DC and 'Hit me baby one more time' could sound so good on a washboard?)

And the next morning a lie in, fluffy bathrobes and Sunday papers in bed at the St Giles House Hotel in Norwich with the best croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice.

So, all things considered, not a bad weekend really.

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