Sunday, 9 August 2009

August at Hidcote

I begin to get a creeping sense of dread at this time of year. I know August ought to be one of the nicest months of the year, but I hate the feeling that the summer is starting to slip away. My favourite month is April when Spring really starts to get going, the days begin to lengthen and you have the whole anticipation of summer befor you - it was no coincidence that Mr H and I decided to get married in April.

So before summer ebbs away we headed out into the Cotswolds today where I took these pictures at Hidcote Manor Garden. Although some of the earlier summer flowers had faded they had been replaced by abundant borders of Dahlia, Canna Lily and Agapanthus.

From top to bottom: Aliums; Dahlia & Canna Lily; Penstemon & Nicotiana; Astrantia

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