Monday, 12 January 2009

Why I love..... amaryllis

There is something rather deliciously rebellious about the idea of wearing yellow tights. This picture reminds me of the Jenny Joseph poem 'Warning' which begins with the line 'When I am an old woman I shall wear purple...'. Except that, whilst I may very well wear purple, I'm sure I won't be wearing yellow tights when I am an old lady because to get away with such a look you really do need to be blessed with youth, a fine turn of ankle and fabulous legs.

Earlier today I went to a demonstration by two young Dutch floral designers, Bert Kuiper and Dini Holtrop, which included loads of great ideas for using Amaryllis.

Like wearing yellow tights, incorporating Amaryllis into a floral arrangement is a surefire way to make a big statement. It will bring a welcome burst of exuberance into your home during the long dark winter months, and if you decide to don a pair of yellow tights as well you really will feel as if spring is just around the corner.

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