Friday, 2 January 2009

Connecting with your inner princess

I was reading some of the wedding graduate posts over on A Practical Bride earlier today and what almost everyone without exception says is that all of the little wedding details that you spend months planning just go out of the window on the day, which is as it should be really. As someone who had never really given a thought to how (or even if) she might get married, and who had certainly never craved a fancy wedding, at first I was sure that I wanted our wedding to be as simple as possible. After all it's the being married that matters, not the wedding... right? I have absolutely no interest in favours or pew ends or finding exactly the right shade of chair cover, and don't even get me started on champagne glasses decorated with paper butterflies. The only things that really matter to me are marrying the man I love, having a nice dress to wear and being surrounded by a handful of special people.

But a few weeks after Mr H popped the question, after I had taken out a subscription to 'Bride' magazine and spent more hours than is really healthy glued to my laptop trawling wedding sites, he remarked "this wedding thing has really unleashed your inner princess hasn't it?". I reluctantly have to concede that he is absolutely right. Somehow I have begun to connect with my own inner princess, and I have no idea where she came from. Despite myself, and Mr H will mock me for this, I have to confess to finding this sweet little ring pillow by Easter Yu rather lovely.

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