Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My dream job

So, I was tagged by Flora to answer this quiz she has been doing over on her blog.

What is your dream job?

OK, here's the story since I've never actually written about this on my blog before. Twelve months ago I was working in a large organisation as a Marketing Manager. The salary was nice. It paid the mortgage and sustained my shoe shopping habit but the job ate away at my soul. I hated it and longed to do something more practical and creative. Then back last September I was flipping through some Adult Education brochures and decided to enrol on a Floristry course at my local college.

I'd always loved gardening, flowers and plants and had become more interested in floral design whilst thinking about flowers for my wedding. I was lucky enough to find myself on a course with a great teacher and within a few weeks I knew I was hooked. Meanwhile, working in a dismal windowless office in a job I was no longer committed to continued to sap the life blood out of me. By Christmas I realised that I owed it to myself to get out. I quit my job, rented out my house, moved in with my husband-to-be and began doing work experience for free at a local florist.

Then a couple of months ago, an opening came up at a florist shop in a neighbouring town. I applied and got the job! So here I am.... following my passion and loving every minute of it. If you'd told me just a year ago that I would be working as a florist I'd never have believed it. It's hard work, physically demanding, my finger nails are always filthy and the pay is peanuts, but right now I wouldn't change it for anything. Well, unless I could dance Argentine Tango for a living that is, but I don't think there's much chance of that particular dream coming true.

More of Flora's quiz later.

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Flora said...

sounds truly blissful. it is so wonderful to satisfy your heart and soul.I wish you all the best with the new job,I'm sure it will bring you even more joy. I am also rather envious as I have exact same thoughts of becoming a florist,I tried once before to do a qualification but the teacher was awful so am hoping to start something in september..fingers crossed!