Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sweet avalanche roses

Here are a couple of images from my final college assessment last week.

The brief: design a front facing triangular arrangement and create a moodboard to show the interior for which it would be suitable.

The arrangement we had to produce to meet the brief is quite a formal, traditional design. I aimed to give mine a slightly vintagey feel, inspired by elegant Parisian apartments and romantic English country style.

I used my favourite Sweet Avalanche roses, which were the flowers carried by my gorgeous bridesmaids.

image by Fiona Ensor Photography


Flora said...

Ah they look so pretty! We had avalanche roses too at our wedding do they come in lots of different shades?

And where is a picture of you madam?!

h for hellebores said...

Ha ha, I am being a little coy. I'm sure one will sneak out eventually.

I think Avalanche roses just come in this soft pink colour or white.

Flora said...

That would make sense,we had creamy apricot and pink shades.

(go on be brave!)